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Welcome to Our Virtual Masterclasses on Generative AI!

In response to the valuable feedback and insights from our supersenior attendees, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Virtual Masterclasses—a comprehensive 'how-to guide' for implementing generative AI into your business.

The Masterclass series is designed to help you overcome common challenges, from data privacy issues and integration complexities to developing the specialized skills necessary for generative AI success. Expect practical insights, real-world case studies, and actionable strategies.

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Virtual Masterclasses

Our upcoming masterclass series will cover the following lessons in overcoming barriers to Generative AI adoption:


Mitigating Data Privacy Concerns

Masterclass 1 | October 2024


Successfully Integrating Gen AI into Legacy Systems

Masterclass 2 | January 2025


Upskilling You Workforce for Gen AI Success

Masterclass 3 | March 2025


Maximizing Efficiency through Gen AI

Masterclass 4 | May 2025

Why a Masterclass?

Generative AI Industry report

We've gathered valuable insights from our Enterprise Generative AI Summit attendees and created a State of the Industry Report addressing five key questions about enterprise adoption of generative AI.

Despite its transformative potential in content creation, decision-making, and automation, the adoption of Gen AI has been slower and more challenging than expected.

To support enterprises in overcoming these hurdles, we’re launching a series of masterclasses designed to guide you through successful Gen AI implementation.

Download our free report to discover what leading enterprises are saying about Gen AI adoption and join our masterclasses to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you're at the beginning of your AI journey or looking to refine your current approach, these masterclasses are perfect for AI practitioners, corporate partners, and business leaders looking to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge through the deployment of generative AI.

  • Unlock Practical Insights for Immediate Application
    Gain actionable insights and real-world strategies from industry experts and detailed case studies. Our virtual masterclasses equip you with practical knowledge to overcome challenges and drive successful AI adoption in your enterprise.
  • Stay Ahead with the Latest Trends and Innovations
    Join our masterclasses to stay at the forefront of generative AI advancements. Covering the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, we ensure you're equipped to leverage new opportunities for innovation and growth.
  • Expand Your Professional Network and Collaborate
    Join interactive Q&A sessions and networking opportunities with AI professionals, industry leaders, and fellow practitioners. Connect, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions, leading to valuable partnerships and new business prospects.

Partner with Us to Lead the Conversation in Generative AI

Our community of AI professionals and enterprise leaders has spoken, highlighting the key challenges they face in adopting and implementing generative AI. In response, we've developed a series of 'how-to' virtual masterclasses designed to address these critical issues. As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to align your brand with these essential topics, positioning your company as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the field.

Position Your Company as a Thought Leader

Our community has voiced their key challenges, and we’ve crafted a series of 'how-to' virtual masterclasses to address them. By sponsoring these targeted topics, you position your company as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the generative AI space. Showcase your expertise and influence industry conversations, enhancing your brand's reputation and credibility.

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Enterprise Generative AI Summit Speaker

Engage Directly with a Targeted Audience

Our virtual masterclasses are based on feedback from our enterprise attendees, ensuring that the content is highly relevant to their needs. As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to engage directly with a targeted audience of AI professionals and decision-makers. This direct interaction helps you build meaningful relationships and generate high-quality business leads.

Collaborate on Customizable Content

Work closely with our production teams to shape the webinar content according to your strategic goals. Our collaborative approach ensures that the sessions resonate with the most relevant audience for your business, maximizing the impact of your sponsorship. Aligning your brand with these critical topics demonstrates your commitment to addressing industry challenges and supporting enterprise success.

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Use-cases From Our Partners

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    • Following a consultative session with our editorial team, the webinar details are determined, and a brief with a marketing comms plan is created to raise awareness of the topic
    • Speakers are identified – a panel of three is recommended, with a representative from your company; client; independent speakers (sourced by KR); and a moderator (whom KR will provide)
    • Kisaco to provide:
      • Technology and back-end support via ON24 platform (this includes a video feed, slide presentation during the live event, and live interactions with the audience via polls and questions)
      • Promotional activity
      • On-Demand Webinar Hosted on the AI Hardware & Systems website for 3 months
      • Full lead generation and visibility of all registrants across the campaign (all leads GPDR compliant)
    • Your company’s resources/sponsored content, supporting the webinar, will be featured on selected AI Hardware & Systems websites and highlighted in the marketing communications. KR’s content and marketing team can consult with you to design an editorial brief
    • High-impact promotion of your brand and webinar - multichannel marketing activities, leveraging KR’s AI community and social media channels (50,000 opted-in subscribers). The marketing activities can include sponsored content, promoted on the relevant websites, and targeted co-branded mailshots
    • 150 + expected registrants from our AI community

    Key Marketing and Awareness Activities

    • 3x targeted mailshots to encourage KR’s AI Hardware& Systems audience to register for your webinar
    • An additional (4th) mailshot raising awareness of the On-Demand webinar resource to all registrants (who attended and who did not manage to attend). The email will also reach your target audience, within KR’s database, who did not manage to register for the webinar
    • Webinar will be featured and highlighted in the “resources” sections of the relevant websites, ensuring visibility to KR Tech’s communities

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