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Fertility and Family Planning

Reproductive Health Innovation Summit
13-14 February, 2024
Boston, USA

Fertility and Family Planning Sessions

Innovation Transforming Infertility Care to Create More Accessible, Inclusive and Equitable Outcomes

This session will deep dive into the challenges and opportunities within the field of infertility care, in which current options remain largely inaccessible and costly. Hear about the role of AI and ML in driving down costs through automating the IVF process, improving embryo & sperm freezing and enhancing at-home-care options, and examine the role that benefits providers and fertility financing have increasing accessibility. This panel will demonstrate how technologies are streamlining and improving the efficiency of processes, leading to more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

A New Age for Contraception? Opportunities to Improve the Benchmark Beyond Innovation

From digital solutions, AI and algorithms to non-hormonal options, new genetic variant research influencing precision medicine, and more male options than ever before, contraception is revolutionizing. With all these exciting developments, what other opportunities are there to improve contraceptive options and take things to the next level? Who’s at the forefront and who’s paying? What role do payers play? Join this panel to unpack these questions, hear about the latest technology and research-to-date, and explore opportunities to improve the contraceptive landscape beyond innovation.

IVF Clinic Market Expansion: Prioritizing Investment Over Consolidation

Acquisition, mergers, and PE investments have made waves across the IVF sector as clinics have rapidly consolidated their brick-and-mortar empires over recent years. But physical expansion can only get you so far, and for the industry to continue to grow it requires looking beyond the clinic and investing in new technologies to improve clinic efficiency. This discussion homes in on the clinics at the forefront of this new approach, as we hear from their VC arms about what they’re investing in and why, to demonstrate why this business model is making the industry more efficient and improving outcomes.

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Fertility and Family Planning Speakers

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