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Siemens launches Solido Simulation Suite

Siemens Digital Industries Software launched Solido Simulation Suite, an AI-accelerated platform providing faster verification for next-generation analog, mixed-signal, RF, memory, library IP and 3D IC designs.

Solido Sim is engineered to help IC design teams meet increasingly stringent specifications, verification coverage metrics and time-to-market requirements. It delivers comprehensive application coverage with best-in-class circuit and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) verification capabilities. Powered by AI technologies, Solido Sim is developed with next-generation process technologies and complex integrated circuit (IC) structures in mind, providing the required toolsets and capabilities to help achieve accurate signal and power integrity goals.

"Solido Simulation Suite, featuring AI-accelerated SPICE and FastSPICE engines, represents a significant leap forward in custom IC simulation technology, providing unmatched accuracy and efficiency for chip design and verification engineers,” said Michael Ellow, CEO, Silicon Systems, Siemens Digital Industries Software. "Our initial Solido Sim customers have experienced remarkable success across multiple processes technology platforms, all while demonstrating faster runtimes and enabling compelling new capabilities for their next-generation analog, RF, mixed-signal and library IP designs.”

It delivers a compelling set of innovative new simulation technologies, including:

  • Solido SPICE: 2-30x speedup for analog, mixed-signal, RF, and 3D IC verification

  • Solido FastSPICE: order-of-magnitude speedup for SoC, memory, and analog functional verification

  • Solido LibSPICE: purpose-built batch solver technology for small designs, optimizing runtimes for Library IP applications

Powering all 3 of these new solvers is Solido Sim AI – the latest version of Siemens’ groundbreaking, AI- accelerated simulation technology. With Solido Sim AI, circuit simulation is advanced to the next level with algorithms that are self-verifying and tuned to SPICE accuracy, providing orders-of-magnitude improved acceleration – all accomplished using existing foundry-certified device models without alteration.

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