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Samsung Electronics to Launch Appliances with On-Device AI Next Year

Samsung Electronics plans to incorporate on-device artificial intelligence (AI) into its appliances starting next year. Following the launch of its first AI smartphone, the Galaxy S24 earlier this year, Samsung aims to rapidly dominate the “hyper-connected ecosystem” spanning both appliances and smartphones, positioning itself strongly against Apple in the AI competition.

According to industry sources on June 18, Samsung Electronics' Home Appliance division is developing products targeting a 2025 release of appliances integrated with large language models (LLMs) on-device. This marks the first time Samsung has concretized plans to equip its appliances with on-device AI.

On-device AI operates directly on the appliance, processing information and computations through the machine's own AI, without needing to connect to a server. Samsung Electronics has officially set July as the timeline to introduce LLMs to its Bixby voice control for appliances, though this will initially be cloud-based.

The initial products to incorporate this technology will include the Family Hub refrigerator and other appliances such as washing machines and induction cooktops from Samsung's Bespoke AI line, which features LCD screens. These on-device AI-equipped appliances are expected to include numerous AI solutions previously only available on smartphones, such as translation services. The voice recognition capabilities, able to understand complex commands and converse naturally, are anticipated to be significantly enhanced.

Source: Business Korea. Read the full article here.