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AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit Europe
1 Jun 2025
After 6 successful years in Silicon Valley, the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit made its European debut in London, this June.The summit gathered AI practitioners, Hardware, Systems, and Software Engineers and Architects, Data Scientists and AI researchers who discussed the latest challenges in AI infrastructure.TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEXT EVENT IN THE SERIES
AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit
9-12 Sep 2024
Signia by Hilton, San Jose, CA
The combined AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit comprehensively covers the design and deployment of ML hardware and software infrastructure across the cloud-edge continuum.
Sample Attendee List
1 Mar 2025
Silicon Valley, CA
Enterprises can lose track of ownership costs and miss out on their total available compute due to the ‘Memory Wall’ bottleneck and other systems design inefficiencies. MemCon 2024 breaks down these ‘Memory Wall’ and system design issues by putting together internal teams at organizations working with data-intensive workloads, AI vendors, and technology vendors, who are creating next-generation systems and components. MemCon 2024 is a one-stop-shop for emerging technologies in the memory and storage domain, and a hub for efficient data movement and management.For technology vendors and system designers, MemCon 2024 is a user-centric deep-dive and a recognized launchpad for emerging technologies such as CXL and emerging memories. MemCon 2024 gives technology vendors direct access to meet data practitioners, who are grappling with designing efficient AI/ML systems.For technology end-users, such as enterprise teams working on large language models (LLMs), or AI vendors that are designing state-of-the-art models, MemCon 2024 provides a platform to meet peers trying to overcome system data movement and management challenges. The conference provides real-world feedback for technology vendors and allows AI vendors and technology end-users to be at the forefront of system design innovation.What’s in it for you?Discover, discuss, and debate data management roadblocks such as data complexities and limitations of traditional system design, enabling you to make critical business and technical-buying decisions about your systems infrastructure in the future.Make sense of ownership costs through understanding the intricacies of data management economics and reduce potential trade-offs by recognizing potential workload impacts on system design. Helping inform your understanding of AI/ML’s impact on infrastructure costs.Future-proof your data management operations through industry-leading insights from hardware and software architects. Be the first to see new products entering the market that will level up AI/ML deployments and unlock new systems innovation. Learn from the leading startups and connect with future leaders within the space.Join a thriving network of systems and AI/ML experts - whether accessing new pools of customers, connecting with potential technology partners, or tackling data issues with peers – the MemCon community is here to help build brand awareness, thought-leadership within the memory and systems markets and help you connect with enterprise-level business leaders.VIEW THE 2024 POST-SHOW REPORTREGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN ATTENDING IN 2025
Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe 2025
3-5 Mar 2025
London, UK
Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe is the sector’s premier innovation summit, showcasing the most exciting emerging companies and connecting them with investors and strategic partners.Our mission is to engage all key participants in the value chain so we can address the full scope of how animal health impacts pet owners, veterinarians, and farmers today.Over the past 10 years, we have partnered with the industry's biggest companies and most exciting start-ups to facilitate acquisitions, partnerships and investments. Previous start-up attendees include PetMedix, Mileutis and Targan.We would be delighted for you to join us, and let us help you in building your pipeline, securing investment or establishing relationships with partners.See you in March!
Clone of OCTS USA 2021
17-18 Nov 2021
Boston, USA
The Onco Cell Therapy Summit (OCTS), November 16 - 18, Boston USA, brings the industry together to share novel research, manufacturing techniques, and regulatory best practice. Each session of OCTS 2021 is dedicated to the process of translating R&D into commercially viable oncological therapies.The race for bringing the first BCMA targeting CAR-T to the market is reaching a climax and next-generation cell therapies are at the front of mind for those in both industry and research.Significant break throughs in GvHD for allogeneic treatments and in the use of alternative cell therapies mean that onco cell therapies are embedding themselves as the 5th pillar of oncology. New combination studies and manufacturing capabilities are showing even more promise for this sector, but with current treatments still having high costs of use and as there are limited patient pools, there are still challenges in both clinical and commercial use of these therapies.We’ve worked with industry partners to ensure that OCTS 2021 is dedicated to the effective translation and commercialization of research into safe and efficacious therapies and address these challenges.
13-16 Sep 2021
Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
AI Hardware is evolving – and so are we! As machine learning models continue to grow in size and complexity, and more and more models enter production in enterprises worldwide, the way we approach accelerating these workloads is changing.At the front end, data-centricity is taking precedence over model-centricity. At the back end, AI practitioners want systems that are performant and efficient, but also sustainable, explainable and accountable.From massive research models like GPT-3, to day-to-day models deployed by enterprises around the world, we are lifting the hood on how to make AI fast, efficient and affordable.AI Hardware Summit is evolving, we continue our mission to help those who are accelerating AI workloads in the cloud and at the edge, and this year is all about systems level AI acceleration.Event OverviewSept 13: Virtual DaySept 14-15: In-Person Summit, Streamed GloballySept 16: Virtual Roundtables
AI Hardware Executive Outlook Summit
1 Dec 2021
Virtual Event
Following the success of the 4th AI Hardware Summit that took place 13-16th September in Mountain View, US, Kisaco Research is proud to announce the annual 2022 Executive Outlook. The Executive Outlook provides leading industry executives, and key decision makers, an exclusive chance to network, discuss and share their views and predictions on the market from a strategic viewpoint, and, collectively define a vision for the future of AI systems.Our Executive Outlook is an annual, end-of-year executive-level summit and awards ceremony. It will recognize both engineering and business achievements during the year and gather the very best and brightest in the AI acceleration world, to pause and reflect on the year and set a vision for the following 12 months.The forum will consist of analyst overviews and predictions, executive keynotes, and an awards ceremony.The AI Hardware Summit will continue to be the event that brings together the AI acceleration community to put the best AI systems in the hands of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and enterprises. The AI Hardware Executive Outlook Summit is designed to celebrate this incredible industry and unify its members in a shared vision of the future.Event OverviewThursday December 1, 2021| Online & Broadcasting Globally 
Edge AI Summit 2020
18-20 Nov 2020
A 2020 report by Frost & Sullivan stated that 90% of industrial enterprises will be utilising edge computing by 2022. The value of the data that can be gleaned from intelligence ‘in the field’ is clear, but the current limitations of low power, on-device compute, data management and processing across the edge computing landscape continue to pose multiple engineering challenges. We’re thrilled to announce the agenda for the 3rd annual Edge AI Summit, which was the first ever dedicated summit focused on deploying machine learning on devices, and on the network infrastructure that supports the intelligent IoT. This year is all about Edge AI case studies! From ultra-low-power microwatt applications at the ‘sensor edge’, to larger milliwatt examples at the ‘device edge’ up to the non-power constrained ‘server-network edge’; we’ll be gathering a global audience (virtually!) to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the Edge with examples from Uber AI, Google, Bosch, Magic Leap, Rakuten and many more…