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Women's Health Innovation Summit, Europe
16-17 April, 2024
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
  • Start Ups/ Femtech/ Entrepreneurs/ Innovation

    We are committed to increasing exposure of emerging companies in women’s health, at all stages of growth and development, who are seeking partnership opportunities and are at the forefront of shaping the future of this space.

  • Pharma/ Medical Device & Diagnostics/Biotechs

    At the forefront of innovation, big pharma, medical device, and biotech companies play a key role in shaping the investments and innovation happening in the women’s health sphere.

  • Investors/Funding Groups

    We look to bring together leading investors with a particular focus in women’s health, ranging from seed, to angel, venture capital firms, private equity, funds, and advisors.

  • Non-profits/ Advocacy Groups

    Non-profit organizations and advocacy groups play a key part in our Summits, and in the women’s health space in general, ensuring the fight towards health equity continues and awareness of the industry is being spread. 

  • Payors/Employers

    Payers, insurance companies, and benefit providers provide an important bridge between stakeholders within the women’s health industry, and we are delighted to have more joining us at this years’ summit.

  • Service Providers

    Industry support and service providers include advocacy groups, researchers, knowledge leaders and accelerators such as consultants, lawyers, CROs, non-profits and regulatory experts.


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