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Women's Health Innovation Summit 2024
23-25 September, 2024
Boston, MA, USA

The Start-Up Experience

Start-ups are the heartbeat of this summit, and our programs are designed to cater to emerging companies at all stages of growth and development. We offer unique opportunities for companies who are looking for increased visibility, potential partnerships/acquisitions, and to benchmark their knowledge in this ever-changing landscape.

Regardless of your stage of development, or product offering, we're certain to have an opportunity suited to you!

Check out some of our start-up offerings at this year's summit below.


2024 Innovation Showcase

Over 6 years, we’ve seen hundreads of  startups apply our innovation showcase, so don’t miss out on this year’s instalment. Be one of 20 pioneers pitching their disruptive solution to our audience of 750+ attendees, and our panel of expert investors.

To apply, all you have to do is fill out a short form. Our prestigious Selection Committee of industry experts and investors will pick their top companies who will then take the stage in September. 

With previous finalists going on to secure investment and partnerships, this really is you're opportunity to drive your business forward - don't miss your chance!


New For 2024

If it’s your first time attending WHIS, or if you find yourself attending alone, it's highly recommended to head over to the kick-off meeting, where you can familiarize yourself with what to expect over the next two days, connect with fellow attendees, and gain valuable insights into the event's schedule, speakers, and activities.

First Timers & Solo Attendees Kick Off

Time to hear from our investors as they take to the stage to highlight their areas of focus and demonstrate their unique value as an investor.

Exclusive Investor Pitching

Sign up to an exclusive networking experience, aimed at enhancing meeting efficiency. The startup-investor speed networking provides 30 startups with the opportunity to meet 12 investors over the course of an hour for 5-minuts at a time. 

Start-Up x Investor Speed Networking

Want to take your business to the next level?

Gain invaluable insights from the 2024 CEO of the Year, as they unveil the secrets behind their startup triumph. Discover actionable takeaways and inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs in the audience, fueling your startup journey towards success.


CEO in the Spotlight

Immerse yourself in a dynamic day filled with engaging workshops, interactive icebreakers, and intimate roundtable discussions, offering a unique chance to delve into precise growth challenges, forge meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs, and depart with tangible strategies to propel your commercial growth forward. Explore our specialized roundtables covering Business Development, Research and Development, Femtech and Consumer, as well as Reproductive Health, and seize the opportunity to navigate key industry landscapes alongside industry leaders.


Who You Will Meet

Bringing together senior executives from large pharmaceutical and medical device companies, biotechs, startups, investors, funds, CROs, patient advocacy groups, consultants, law firms, government representatives, regulatory experts, payers, and insurance companies, and other supporting stakeholders, WHIS is dedicated to meeting the essential demands of the women’s health sector to facilitate the scaling and growth of companies and key stakeholders throughout their commercial journey.

  • Emerging / Start-Ups

    We are committed to increasing exposure of emerging companies in women’s health, at all stages of growth and development, who are seeking partnership opportunities and are at the forefront of shaping the future of this space.


    Past Participants Include

    What our attendees say

    WHIS is one of our companies favorite events to attend. The community vibe and excitement of attendees makes this event so inspirational and motivating. 

    Anna Daily, Chief Scientific Officer, Namida Lab

    Critical Needs Identified

    Women's health startups stand at the forefront of addressing long-standing gaps in healthcare, necessitating crucial investments to drive innovation, secure regulatory approvals, and generate robust clinical trial data. These startups face unique challenges in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and substantiating the efficacy of their solutions tailored specifically to women's health needs. The Women's Health Innovation Series serves as a pivotal catalyst, providing a dynamic platform for these startups to connect with the right investors, regulatory experts, and collaborators. By fostering these connections, the series not only facilitates vital financial support but also cultivates an environment for sharing insights, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and leveraging expertise to advance groundbreaking solutions for women's health. This series is more than an event; it's a strategic nexus where ideas converge, partnerships flourish, and the trajectory of women's healthcare innovation is shaped collaboratively.

    Partnership Priorities

    Partnerships are paramount for the success of women's health startups, as they bring a multitude of benefits across various facets of the business. Investment partners provide crucial financial support, enabling startups to advance research, navigate regulatory landscapes, and accelerate product development. Service providers, including consultants and law firms, contribute specialized expertise, guiding startups through complex regulatory processes and legal intricacies. Commercial partners bring industry know-how, distribution channels, and market access, facilitating the entry of innovative women's health solutions into mainstream healthcare. Collectively, these partnerships create a robust ecosystem that not only fosters growth but also enhances the startup's credibility and market reach.

  • Academics / NPOs

    Non-profit organizations and advocacy groups play a key part in our Summits, and in the women’s health space in general, ensuring the fight towards health equity continues and awareness of the industry is being spread.


    Past Participants Include

    What our attendees say

    Fantastic eye-opener widening the scope and offering 360 perspective to women's health in the US context.

    Aura Pyykönen, Aalto University

    Critical Needs Identified

    Academic groups and non-profit organizations (NPOs) are driven by a shared commitment to advancing knowledge and promoting the well-being of women. Staying abreast of the latest developments in the women's health industry is crucial for these entities as they seek to contribute to research, education, and advocacy efforts. The Women's Health Innovation Series serves as an indispensable conduit for academic groups and NPOs to learn about cutting-edge advancements, regulatory updates, and government initiatives directly from industry leaders and experts. Participating in the series provides these organizations with a platform to engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with the right people in the women's health ecosystem, including researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the series empowers academic and non-profit entities to stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that their initiatives align with the latest trends and regulations to drive positive impact in women's health.

    Partnership Priorities

    Partnerships play a pivotal role in advancing women's health within the academic realm, fostering collaboration among government entities, regulatory experts, and startups. Government support and collaboration with regulatory experts ensure that research initiatives align with evolving standards and guidelines, facilitating smoother approval processes and adherence to regulatory frameworks.

  • Investors / Funding Groups

    We look to bring together leading investors with a particular focus in women’s health, ranging from seed, to angel, venture capital firms, private equity, funds, and advisors.


    Past Participants Include

    What our attendees say

    The WHIS is the only conference focused on the entirety of women's health: conditions that impact women exclusively, disproportionately or differently.

    Linda Greub, Avestria Ventures

    Critical Needs Identified

    Investors are increasingly drawn to women's health startups due to the immense potential for impactful innovation and significant market growth. Recognizing the unique healthcare needs of women, investors see an opportunity to support groundbreaking solutions that can make a meaningful difference in improving women's well-being. The Women's Health Innovation Series serves as a key gathering point for investors eager to explore and invest in this burgeoning sector. By participating in the series, investors gain access to a curated network of like-minded peers, fellow investors, and industry experts. This platform not only offers a chance to discover promising startups but also facilitates strategic discussions and collaborations with other investors, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and collective investment efforts that drive advancements in women's health. The series acts as a catalyst for creating connections, enabling investors to meet the right people and collectively contribute to the growth and success of the women's health innovation ecosystem.

    Partnership Priorities

    WHIS serves as a key catalysts for such collaborations, offering investors a curated environment to connect with promising start-ups, exchange ideas with other investors, and collectively contribute to the growth and success of the women's health ecosystem. By fostering these partnerships, investors not only broaden their investment portfolios but also actively participate in shaping the trajectory of advancements in women's health, creating a collaborative and informed investment landscape.

  • Large Pharma / Biotech

    At the forefront of innovation, big pharma, medical device, and biotech companies play a key role in shaping the investments and innovation happening in the women’s health sphere.


    Past Participants Include

    What our attendees say

    Days filled with top notch presenters, awesome innovative ideas and connecting with transformative talented women!

    Izabela Malinowska, GSK

    Critical Needs Identified

    In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, major pharmaceutical companies are increasingly recognizing the value and innovation that women's health startups bring to the table. Acquiring these startups not only allows pharmaceutical giants to diversify their portfolios but also enables them to tap into the latest technologies and advancements tailored to address women's unique health needs. The Women's Health Innovation Series emerges as a pivotal conduit for large pharmaceuticals to connect with innovative startups and gain insights into cutting-edge technologies. By participating in the series, these companies can engage with the right people — from visionary entrepreneurs to regulatory experts — fostering collaborations that propel them to the forefront of women's healthcare innovation. This series serves as a strategic platform, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and forging partnerships that are instrumental in shaping the future of women's health solutions.

    Partnership Priorities

    Partnerships are integral to the success of large pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the women's health sector, offering multifaceted advantages for sustained growth. Collaborating with start-ups presents an avenue for these industry leaders to harness innovative solutions, expand their product portfolios, and stay at the forefront of scientific advancements. Acquiring start-ups not only facilitates access to cutting-edge technologies but also enables large pharma and biotech firms to leverage entrepreneurial agility in developing tailored solutions for women's health. Moreover, strategic partnerships with service providers, including consultants and law firms, bring specialized expertise, aiding in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and ensuring compliance.

  • Consultants / Law Firms / Service Providers

    Industry support and service providers include advocacy groups, researchers, knowledge leaders and accelerators such as consultants, lawyers, CROs, non-profits and regulatory experts.


    Past Participants Include

    What our attendees say

    The conference covered a wide range of topics and had great speakers that covered clinicians, regulatory, research, and investment.

    Abby Sheer, Cambridge Design Partnership

    Critical Needs Identified

    Service providers, including consultants and law firms, recognize the burgeoning opportunities within the women's health sector and the unique challenges faced by companies in this space. These professionals aim to offer their expertise to support women's health startups in navigating regulatory landscapes, legal complexities, and strategic business decisions. The Women's Health Innovation Series emerges as an invaluable platform for service providers to connect with potential clients and establish meaningful partnerships. By participating in the series, consultants and law firms gain direct access to a targeted audience of women's health entrepreneurs, investors, and decision-makers. This strategic environment facilitates the exchange of insights, fosters collaborations, and enables service providers to showcase their offerings to companies seeking specialized guidance. The series serves as a nexus for building relationships, fostering partnerships, and creating synergies that contribute to the growth and success of women's health companies while providing service providers with a unique avenue to meet the right people in this vibrant and evolving ecosystem.

    Partnership Priorities

    By actively engaging with women's health companies, service providers gain firsthand insights into industry needs, positioning themselves as integral contributors to the sector's growth. These partnerships serve as a two-way street, driving commercial growth for service providers while ensuring that women's health companies receive tailored, high-quality support, ultimately fostering a robust and interconnected ecosystem within the women's health industry.