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San Francisco
23-24 June, 2020

Why Attend

During the Cloud Gaming Congress 2020 you will find the answers to your questions on how to take your cloud gaming business to the next level.

Some of the concerns of key players in the space are latency, cost and content; at the CGC 2020 - the only vendor-agnostic event platform in the cloud gaming industry - you will have the opportunity to meet top senior business and tech leaders from game  publishers/developers, cloud gaming platforms, hardware companies, edge and network infrastructure providers, telcos, narrow tech providers, and press and media to connect with enabling you to exchange key strategic information to grow your business.

Senior tech executives
leading speakers

Media Partners

Looking to Media Partner on Cloud Gaming Congress 2020?

We have a very limited number of media partnership opportunities for Cloud Gaming Congress. If you want to be at the forefront of innovation within this industry, Contact: Maria McSorley, Marketing Manager

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Kisaco Research provides the much-needed platform on which industry executives can network, connect and learn from each other as well as meet potential industry partners.
Far from the typical ‘meet-and-greet’ exhibition experience, you – as a sponsor or exhibitor – will be positioned as a partner of the event with a focus on the benefits of your product and brand, rather than just a name on an exhibition list.

With our extensive marketing experience and strategy, your partnership with Kisaco Research will grant you a sponsorship package that is an extension and enhancement of your current marketing and branding efforts. We value your ROI and will work with you directly on your specific goals and targets – that’s why we take special care in finding the most relevant end-users to attend, so that your financial and resource investment is smartly allocated.

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