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Workshop A

Economic Crime Prevention Switzerland
4-5 March, 2025
Zurich, Switzerland | Sheraton Hotel

Upgrade Internal Investigation Standards - How To Ethically and Effectively Conduct An Investigation Whilst Navigating Local and Global Compliance Regulations

After nearly two years of work the ISO standard for Internal Investigations is finally out. ISO/TS 37008 sets out a comprehensive set of guidelines for all and any organisations to conduct internal investigations effectively and ethically. Businesses with subsidiaries in multiple countries need to be aware of the exposure they face when conducting internal investigations. Such investigations raise unique challenges, with investigators needing to be compliant with procedural laws of a foreign jurisdiction, in addition to maintaining compliance with company policies as well as the duty owed to employees. The introduction of the standard reflects the conscious societal attitude towards strengthening ESG related frameworks, but time will tell whether the global ISO 37008 standard provides a consistent and objective benefit for organisations in the handling of compliance and misconduct matters in the workplace.

  • Introduction to ISO/TS 37008 – What is it and how will it be practically implemented?

  • How to maintain compliance with internal investigations?

  • How can 3rd parties be used effectively in internal investigations?

  • Remedial steps when dealing with an uncooperative or suspected employee.

  • Understanding legal procedure and GDPR exposure.

  • Who should be in your investigations team?

  • How to handle reputational damage?

  • Internal standouts for setting up fraud risk management in relation to new ISO standards?

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