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A true champion of inclusivity within wellness, Dorian Morris is a beauty junkie with deep expertise across categories from cosmetics to haircare to skincare to food/wellness. She is the Founder/CEO of Undefined Inc which includes Undefined Beauty, a clean, conscious, inclusive lifestyle brand focused on democratizing wellness and destigmatizing plant magic. The Glow Collection taps into the supercharged benefits of CBD to soothe, balance and heal whereas the new R&R Collection harnesses the power of adaptogenic mushrooms to detoxify and protect against daily stressors and there is continued category expansion on the horizon. Dorian believes in the power of plant magic in all its forms and has built Undefined to educate, normalize and demystify plant-based solutions for all. She believes we all deserve access to high-quality products that don't cost your first born child. Wellness shouldn’t be illusive or exclusive—let’s democratize it.

With a diverse leadership background, her previous experience spans Retail, CPG and Beauty—from leading US Marketing at Covergirl Cosmetics, spearheading Prestige Innovation at Sundial Brands and as an early employee and global Brand Manager at Kendo, LVMH’s innovative brand incubator. Prior to beauty, she started her brand management career at General Mills, sharpening her general management and brand building skills on legacy brands such as Chex Mix and Yoplait and started her career in the Macy’s buying office, mastering merchandising and portfolio management. She graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. A true wanderlust with an adventurous spirit, in her free time Dorian enjoys globetrotting (and has traveled to 60+ countries) and is a proud pet mom of a spunky Morkie named Monaco, who is Undefined's CPO (Chief Protection Officer).


Job Title: 
Founder & CEO
Undefined Beauty