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Our annual calendar provides a snapshot of all live and virtual conferences, webinars, roundtables and meetings delivered to our network throughout the year. We hope to have you join us at one of our upcoming meetings soon.

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Partner with us

Kisaco Research provides the much-needed platform on which industry executives can network, connect and learn from each other as well as meet potential industry partners.

Please visit our 'Marketing Solutions' page for more information

Find out more by calling us at +44 (0)20 3696 2920 or email us at [email protected].

Far from the typical ‘meet-and-greet’ exhibition experience, you – as a sponsor or exhibitor – will be positioned as a partner of the event with a focus on the benefits of your product and brand, rather than just a name on an exhibition list.

With our extensive marketing experience and strategy, your partnership with Kisaco Research will grant you a sponsorship package that is an extension and enhancement of your current marketing and branding efforts.

We value your ROI and will work with you directly on your specific goals and targets – that’s why we take special care in finding the most relevant end-users to attend, so that your financial and resource investment is smartly allocated.

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How we deliver virtual events

The goals for our virtual events are exactly the same as for our live events. By remaining focused on the delivery of knowledge sharing, rich value led discussions and facilitating new connections (as well as catching up with old friends), we ensure that every aspect of our virtual experience is designed to provide maximum value, from the choice of platform, our communications through to the formatting of our program and agendas.



Fully searchable attendee lists, Chat, 1to1 video meetings scheduler and Lounges are all staples for most virtual platforms and we deliver all these options. We also use our Roulette format to help you connect quickly with a large number of people. But more than that, we remain laser focused on delivering a balanced audience of stakeholders who are motivated and engaged in making new connections.

  • Roundtables
    More than any other format, our 10 to a 'virtual room' roundtable discussions, run throughout our programs are the single most effective way of making new connections based on shared interest and need, plus ensure there are plenty of opportunities to ask and get your questions answered.
  • Presentations
    Our speaker led presentations and panels perform a critical role at our virtual events in delivering case studies, thought leadership and key data for benchmarking. These are balanced carefully with a level of interactivity, to ensure our guests leave our meetings invigorated and well informed.
  • Access to new solutions
    Our vendor showcases provide a simple way to stay in touch with the latest products services that will help accelerate our guests progress around their key business goals