Skin Microbiome Congress West 2019 - M.A.D Talks | Kisaco Research

Translating Microbiome Research into Revolutionary Product Portfolios in Beauty & Personal Care.

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San Francisco, CA
24-25 September, 2019

“Skin microbiome today is exploding with companies all over the world. Now we’re at a point where the awareness is so great that there’s almost like a tidal wave of interest in microbiome! ”

Mike Conti, Solabia

We are proud to launch MAD talks in memory of Marie Alice Dibon, who the Skin Microbiome community tragically lost at the end of April.  

Marie Alice cared deeply about innovation and the MAD talks will showcase the latest innovations in the skin microbiome space on the main stage of the conference. To apply for consideration to present, please fill out the short application form below.

The Steering Committee will assess all applications. Successful applicants will a presentation slot on the main stage of the Skin Microbiome Congress, along with a complimentary ticket to attend the full event.

Subject Access Requests: If you would like a copy of the data/information we hold about you, please email [email protected].

User Deletion Request: If you wish to have your information that is held by Kisaco Research deleted, please email [email protected].

For more information on Kisaco Research policy and procedures, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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