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See the 12 Beauty Spotlight Finalists
New York, NY, USA
26 September, 2019

12 BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT FINALISTS ANNOUNCED! 12 independent beauty brands, hand-picked by the prestigious Selection Committee, introduce themselves and their products on the main stage, in a quick-fire round of presentations. Submission deadline for all applicants: July 19th, 2019

“The Beauty & Money Summit is important to us, because it is the only vehicle in the market place today that is really identifying globally, the next generation of brands in today’s beauty world. ”

William Susman, Managing Director at Threadstone Advisors

We are delighted to announce our Beauty & Money Mentors, a group of CEO’s, Founders & Industry leaders who are excited to offer advice and guidance to the next generation of beauty brands. Each mentor commits to offering at least one 30-minute private mentoring meeting onsite at the event, to a brand who they think they can add most value to.

To be considered for mentorship, please complete the short online form. 

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