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7-9 September, 2021

The innovation showcase is a unique opportunity for start-ups tackling the sustainability challenges that occur in primary production to showcase in front of the entire value chain.

Registered delegates will have the unique opportunity to book 20-minute-long pre-scheduled private 1-2-1 meetings during the conference using our dedicated meeting platform, Meeting MOJO.

Ten start-ups handpicked by our Advisory Board will present their technologies.

The innovation showcase is a unique opportunity for start-ups tackling the sustainability challenges that occur in primary production to showcase in front of the entire value chain. Whether you’re looking to connect directly with your customer to enter into a commercial partnership or seeking financial investment to accelerate product development, this is the best chance for you to stand out!

Applications welcome from companies working in: 

  • Raw materials  i.e. bacterial, insect and algae materials
  • Technology i.e wearables, sensors, cameras, infrastructure


  • Feed, Health & Nutrition i.e. New feed technology, probiotics and prebiotic enzyme
  • Genetics i.e. i.e. genetic selection technologies

Each company will have the chance to deliver a 7-minute presentation and 3 minutes will be reserved to take 2-3 audience questions.

The more detailed the application form, the more information the selection committee can use to make their decision. However, if you do not wish to fill in a question, please feel free to leave it blank.

Deadline to apply: xx 2020

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Succinctly describe your company story and journey, what makes you unique, target customer, current products, business model and current distribution channels, scalability, future aspirations for the brand and any other information to support your application.
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If you would like to include any supporting documents or visuals to support your application please attach them here. Alternatively, you may email them to [email protected], stating your brand name in the subject line.
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