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Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design with Plastics and Composites

Integrating high-performance plastic materials to extend range and reduce fuel consumption towards net zero

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13-14 September, 2021

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Why Attend

The Sustainable Electric Vehicle (EV) Designwith plastics and composites conference will bring together all those who are passionate about innovating in e-mobility to lightweight vehicles, reducing range anxiety, accelerating consumer demand and supporting the achievement of government regulation and targets from across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and beyond.

This event will reveal the current level of global progress towards lightweight material integration; design for recycling and EV battery recycling as well as demonstrate how you can overcome the technical, design and engineering challenges that emerge with the transition from creating combustion engine to electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design – with plastics and composites is a unique opportunity for scientists, engineers and sustainability professionals working on this challenge in the plastics and composites supply chain to meet together with OEMs, Tier 1s, EV startups and technology partners to solve the integral material and design challenges that arise with a transition to electric automotive power.

Key Takeaways

  1. Balance sustainability, performance, competitive advantage and cost-effectively to please your customer, your business and the planet
  2. Collaborate with your supply chain / OEM to integrate plastic and composite materials into your car and components with sustainability in mind
  3. Design EVs and their component parts for recyclability to meet your sustainability goals
  4. Assess the impact of material usage on carbon emissions with life cycle analysis (LCA) to benchmark your vehicle/component parts and decide which material you should use
  5. Discover new advances in plastic materials and polymer properties to help you achieve your EV design goals
  6. Identify second life, re-use applications and recycling possibilities for EV batteries
  7. Meet fire safety requirements when using plastics in EV design and achieve homologation

Who Should Attend

Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design is ideal to attend as a team, within areas of:

  • Sustainability
  • R&D / Innovation
  • Business Development / Marketing / PR
  • Technical / Materials
  • Supply Chain
  • Investor / Investment Director / Investment Partner

The Agenda

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