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Fitness & Active Brands Summit

Driving growth, innovation and investment in the booming fitness and wellness market

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2 November, 2020

Last year in a quick-fire round of presentations our 5 finalists Sensoria, Asensei, Athlete’s Guide, Black Box VR and FORTË showed us how innovation in fitness is disrupting the norm, and the industry need to keep up!

PRE-SCHEDULED 1-ON-1 MEETINGS: Registered delegates will have the unique opportunity to get access to the entire attendee list pre-event and schedule up to twelve 20-minute-long networking meetings during the conference.

Why Attend

We are witnessing a rapid evolution of the fitness industry, with more consumers than ever seeking personalised, boutique fitness experiences both at-home, online and in-studio.

Emerging and established fitness brand leaders can’t ignore the shifts in the market and are striving to disrupt traditional fitness business models, drive innovation in products and services and keep building a community of fit and well consumers.

Following the success of the launch of FAB USA in LA 2019 we are delighted to be bringing FAB Global!

Founders and CEOs from the entire eco-system of fitness come together and unpack industry trends, market investments and learn from Global industry leaders on how they innovate and successfully lead the growth of their business.

Walk away with invaluable connections and insights on:

  • GROWTH: Understand what avenues for growth exist for your business – whether you are interested in strategic acquisition or partnership, venture funding, franchising or exceling organic growth, our brand and investment speakers have been there, done that and have authentic brand stories to learn from
  • TECHNOLOGY: investing in new fitness hardware, software or expanding your digital offering? You will meet and learn from expert technology partners to get your tech-spend right and innovation accelerated
  • INNOVATION: From smart clothing and footwear to the latest training concept - get an overview of the latest fitness industry innovation and hear from our selection committees Top 10 Start-ups transforming fitness
  • MARKET MOVES: Get under the hood of the key deals, M&A transactions and rapid growth brands that have shaped and shaken the industry
  • LEADERSHIP: Hear from Global fitness executives, sharing the challenges they faced and the partners, people and resources they needed to drive the success of their business
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Getting the right partners be they financial, brand or technology partners on board is crucial for growing your business. The FAB Conference App will allow you to book 16+, 20 minute 1-2-1 business meetings as part of your conference experience.

Who you will meet

FitTech/ Digital Fitness/ Connected Fitness
Boutique/ Franchise Fitness
Investors (Private Equity/ Venture)
Training Equipment & Hardware/Devices
Fitness & Sport Apparel
Multinational Incubator/ Accelerator

FitTech/ Digital Fitness/ Connected Fitness

Boutique/ Franchise Fitness

Investors (Private Equity/ Venture)

Training Equipment & Hardware/Devices

Fitness & Sport Apparel

Multinational Incubator/ Accelerator

Past attendees include

Fitness and Active Brands Summit EU 2020 - Past Attendees

What attendees from our LA launch event in December had to say….

“Haven't been in a room this powerful as a blend of leading fitness, athleisure, performance, software and investment brands - ever. And having easy access to conversations with speakers and founders was invaluable. Learnt so much seeing the interplay between the entire ecosystem. BRAVO”

Emma Barry, Global Fitness Authority

 “I found this event to be a great intersection of success stories, opportunities, and industry trends. It’s perfect for those of us looking to continue innovating in this industry - and a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of all going on”

 Debra Strougo Frohlich, Co-Founder & CEO, RowHouse


"FAB2019 sparked numerous incredible relationships and surfaced many tremendous insights for Struct Club”

Amira Pollack, Founder, Struct Club

“Amazing speakers and super interesting combination and interaction among large companies, start-ups and investors”

David Vigano, Sensoria Inc

 “Unlike a lot of other fitness conferences, FAB was an intimate gathering of high-level executives. There were many opportunities for meaningful, actionable conversations”

Andrew Katz, CEO, Instructrr Fitness


“A great mix of leaders, founders, and C-level executives from across the fitness, health and wellness industries”

Jeff Angus, CEO, Playsight

The Agenda

Download the 2019 agenda to see what's in store for this year's Fitness and Active Brands Global Summit. We need your email to notify you when the agenda is released  

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