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Protein Engineering Congress Global
27-28 Oct 2021
San Jose, CA
As the first face-to-face Protein Engineering event since 2019, join us to bring forward the latest innovations in strain, enzyme, and protein engineering to drive more sustainable processes, higher selectivity, and synthesis of valuable intermediates for industrial applications.Understand the challenges and requirements of industry in their internal R&D projects in order to support scale up processes, next generation mutant library screening, or knowledge of machine learning and AI to optimise biocatalysts for industrial applications.Expand your commercial opportunities and market growth by learning what new industry sectors are seeing the benefit of enzyme engineering to synthesize unprecendeted molecules of interest as well as engage and network with these industries to form newthird-party collaborations, allowing you to advance your market growth.Demonstrate advancements in your service capabilities by actively promoting the work of your technical teams through bespoke webinar opportunities, presentations, and interactive discussion with industry.Though we’re aiming for a face to face event, if you’re unable to join us in San Jose, replicate that ‘chance meeting’ at our networking roulette and take advantage of our 1-2-1 networking platform to facilitate new connections that lead to a great ROI.
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Protein Engineering Congress
12-13 Nov 2019
Frankfurt, Germany
Most enzymes found in nature are not suitable for industrial purposes. The field of protein and enzyme engineering is growing at a rapid rate, with competition within industries high and the need to optimise performance greater than ever. Introducing the European Protein Engineering Congress, dedicated to uncovering the new and emerging practices, techniques and methods of protein and enzyme engineering across industries.With pharmaceutical, flavour & fragrance, consumer goods, animal feed, and agrochemical sectors all approaching the design, build and generation of new biocatalysts and molecules not found in nature, come and learn from our line-up of leading speakers to get an update on the new technologies used in the field of strain and protein engineering. Are you tasked with API and natural product synthesis? Why not hear how the industry is applying biosynthetic pathway transfer and multi-model assembly strategies to generate new molecules for industrial purposes? Are you struggling to craft new enzymes never-before-seen in this century? Hear how ancestral sequence reconstruction, smart-library design, and computer-aided innovation can allow you to discover and generate new and stable active enzymes.Attend and you'll be able to; increase your product pipeline, increase product efficiency and increase differentiation by meeting the experts in the biocatalysis and protein engineering space.This is not your average protein engineering's about industry, sharing knowledge, and optimising your protein engineering method for the best outcomes.