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Microbiome Connect : Human - EU 2020
11-12 Nov 2020
London, UK
The gut microbiome is becoming an increasingly important druggable target for pharma companies through a range of modalities from FMT to small molecule and even phage. 2020 looks set to be a pivotal year for the microbiome industry with a handful of companies (including Seres, Rebiotix and Finch Therapeutics) set to release ground-breaking phase 3 clinical data. We’re a step away from market approval, but there’s still so much to learn…Major advances in shotgun metagenomic sequencing and computational biology allow us to see what’s going on at a strain-specific and metabolomic level of detail. Elucidating the key metabolites and mechanisms of action in both extra-intestinal and intestinal indications is a key objective in 2020/2021 and is a cornerstone of the discussion at Microbiome Connect: Human. Join key opinion leaders and 50+ expert speakers across three dedicated tracks of content to examine the latest preclinical and clinical data in extra-intestinal and intestinal indications. This is your opportunity to find out how others plan on translating gut-microbiome research into therapeutics that have the power to treat Oncological, Neurological, Gastro-Intestinal & Metabolic diseases.Previously known as European Microbiome Congress, Microbiome Connect: Human EU is all about connecting leading academics and biotech companies presenting preclinical and clinical data, to network, educate and share knowledge. 
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