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Edge AI Summit 2020
18-20 Nov 2020
A 2020 report by Frost & Sullivan stated that 90% of industrial enterprises will be utilising edge computing by 2022. The value of the data that can be gleaned from intelligence ‘in the field’ is clear, but the current limitations of low power, on-device compute, data management and processing across the edge computing landscape continue to pose multiple engineering challenges. We’re thrilled to announce the agenda for the 3rd annual Edge AI Summit, which was the first ever dedicated summit focused on deploying machine learning on devices, and on the network infrastructure that supports the intelligent IoT. This year is all about Edge AI case studies! From ultra-low-power microwatt applications at the ‘sensor edge’, to larger milliwatt examples at the ‘device edge’ up to the non-power constrained ‘server-network edge’; we’ll be gathering a global audience (virtually!) to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the Edge with examples from Uber AI, Google, Bosch, Magic Leap, Rakuten and many more…
Brain Inspired Computing Congress 2020
18-19 Nov 2020
The Brain Inspired Computing Congress will bring together the leading start-ups, researchers and multinational companies who are exploring technologies spanning neuromorphic engineering, event-based sensors, brain-inspired algorithms and biologically plausible neural networks. This congress will provide an overview of these technologies in addition to deep-dive sessions on new architectures for neuromorphic chips, event-based sensors, and efforts to create biologically plausible algorithms.The Brain Inspired Computing Congress will focus on the prime applications for brain-inspired technologies including autonomous vehicles, robotic arm control and dynamic vision sensing. Given the scope for ultra-low-power and edge applications, this technology can be used where conventional deep learning methods are not well suited, such as brain-implants, where it is vital to adhere to power and temperature constraints. Therefore, this congress will also openly discuss the overlap and differentiation between applications for conventional deep learning and brain-inspired computing, exploring how these technologies can complement one another.
Quantum Partnerships Forum 2020
1-3 Dec 2020
The Quantum Partnerships Forum focuses on creating and growing key partnerships within the quantum computing ecosystem. The inaugural forum in 2020 will be a virtual event and center around the themes of commercialization and supply chain. Similar to an ‘exchange’ format, forum attendees are expected to fill out profiles in order to increase the effectiveness of networking. The structure and content of the event emphasizes networking and the formation and dynamics of partnerships over product pitches, updates, and industry timelines. More panels and group discussions than presentations.The Quantum Partnerships Forum 2020 will bring together researchers, hardware & systems builders, and equipment manufacturers to discuss design & engineering challenges, technical requirements, and case studies of successful industry partnerships.
29 Sep 2021-7 Oct 2021
Luminary Keynotes: In 2020 we saw unique perspectives from industry luminaries such as Turing Award Winner David Patterson, and venture capital pathfinder and computer hardware industry veteran, Vinod Khosla. Returning 2019 AIHW Summit luminary Lip-Bu Tan, CEO of Cadence Design Systems. Innovations and Optimizations of Silicon & Systems for AI Training & Inference: Product launches & deep-dives from C-level executives in the AI Hardware industry.Optimizing Machine Learning Systems: Hyperscaler perspectives on designing & engineering bleeding-edge AI systems, from hardware through software. ML system co-design and protecting compute performance gains by eliminating system-level inefficiencies.Inference in Client (Edge) Computing: Applications for AI accelerators in cameras, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles etc.Preserving Developer Efficiency in the Adoption of Novel AI HardwareBeyond Compute: AI’s Impact on memory, storage & networking: Innovations in HBM, on-chip memory and NVM, I/O bottlenecks, data transfer & high-speed interconnects.Managing Machine Learning Models at Scale: Machine Learning hardware robustness & reprogrammability, model standardization & interoperability. Financial & Industrial Analysis: New in 2020: Presentation of the results and insights from AI Hardware Summit’s first comprehensive vendor comparison report, detailing 20 vendors. VC investment and broader market trends & dynamics, benchmarking & metrics.Networking at the virtual AI Hardware Summit Get access to the attendee list before the show and schedule 1-2-1 meetings with attendees, speakers and sponsors throughout the conference so you don’t miss out on networking & interaction opportunities.
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AI Hardware Summit Europe
14-16 Jul 2020
After three successful events (two in the US, one in China) we’re delighted to be bringing the AI Hardware Summit to Munich. We’ve been honoured with previous keynote speakers such as Dr. John L. Hennessey, Chairman of Alphabet, Lip-Bu Tan, CEO of Cadence Systems and Naveen Rao, CVP & GM of Intel’s AIPG. Europe is struggling to keep up with developments in machine learning at the same pace as the US and China, where many of the top labs are located and investments are significantly larger. Due to its academic strength in AI, the potential for Europe to catch up in AI research is massive and could add enormous value to its combined economic output. Institutes like the ELLIS Society are working closely with top European academics to enable Europe to perform the best fundamental AI research, but there is still a large gap in GDP investment when compared to the US and China. Given Europe’s strength in automation across industrial, robotics and autonomous vehicles manufacturing, this summit will focus on inference systems in edge computing, connecting these industries through common challenges in systems architecture/engineering. The AI Hardware Summit Europe will bring together key players across the AI hardware ecosystem to promote innovation and adoption of systems & silicon for processing AI.
24 Jun 2020
Webinar Series
This past year, the cloud gaming industry has become a vibrant marketplace where influential partnerships are happening - such as the Microsoft alliance with Sony and Google with BT - amplifying the opportunity that cloud gaming represents for the gaming industry and highlighting its growth potential. But the industry faces some significant technological challenges, as ensuring the continuity and quality of the gaming experience is crucial, in order to build an audience and a trustworthy reputation for cloud gaming platforms and products.The Cloud Gaming Congress Webinar Series will congregate the critical mass of the emerging cloud gaming industry, to define game streaming business models, overcome technological hurdles in distribution and create partnerships between content creators & platforms, and gaming companies & tech providers.The series will navigate between technical and business-related topics, critiquing current service offerings, evaluating consumer behaviors, and extracting key insights for smart business decisions and stronger business models. Telco & network experts will discuss leveraging 5G to optimize the cloud gaming experience and assess strategies to overcome challenges such as latency and packet loss. Finally, we will discuss the future direction of the gaming industry, analyzing the relationship between console/PC and cloud gaming going forward.We will be exploring the expansion of content creation through cloud gaming as well as how the cloud will revolutionize the gaming industry by allowing game publishers & developers to close the gap with their customers, and by enabling a new wave of data insights for gaming companies.“What will be interesting is when you develop cloud to run natively onto servers and you take advantage of thoseresources whether it’s computer storage or into network creating a persistent world that can host millions of gamers at the same time continuously, that transformation is gonna be enabled over the next decade and it’s gonna change the world of gaming and cloud gaming is really just the beginning...” Marcus Kennedy, GM, Gaming Division, Client Computing Group, IntelRegister to attend the second webinar in the series: 

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