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Senior Living Transformation Summit 2020
26-27 Feb 2020
Boston, MA, USA
From our dedicated research on innovation, technology adoption and the use of data in the senior living industry, it is evident that there are varying levels of maturity across the sector.Some operators are making important purchasing decisions on what technology, information and systems are going to drive their business strategy. However, many understand the business case, have invested, and are in the process of implementing and operationalizing these innovations. Speakers will discuss their business transformation journey, the lessons they learned along the way and their thoughts on how you can do it. They will share what worked for them but more importantly, what didn’t!Learn from leading senior living operators how to:Align technology & IT strategy to tackle business critical challenges like operational efficiency & labour shortageBuild flexible and scalable systems and infrastructure for growthEffectively pilot technologies to maximise ROILead and manage technology change with staff and residentsCollect and analyse data for business intelligence & data driven decision makingStrengthen approaches to EMR’s adoption including information security, privacy and regulation considerationsNavigating and evaluating the vendor landscape 
Fitness & Active Brands Summit
4-5 Dec 2019
Los Angeles, CA
According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing by at least 3 - 4% annually for the last ten years and shows no signs of slowingIt is no surprise that all types of industries want to capitalize on the health and fitness boom. The industry is getting heightened interest from a vast range of investors and strategic buyers including venture capital, private equity, hospitality, multinational brands and legacy big box gym operators.Thriving in this highly competitive market comes with complex business challenges, and strategic decisions around growth and funding are not easy to make.The Fitness & Active Brands Summit has been created to give you 4 key outcomes: 1. Understand investment in the market and what strategic or financial partner is best for you2. Get practical insights from successful brands on leading growth strategy, building a brand and how they did it3. Get ahead of what digital disruption and innovation is coming and how that impacts your business model4. The chance to have meaningful one-to-one business meetings to meet your next potential partner
15-16 Oct 2019
Millenium Hotel London Knightsbridge, SW1X 9NU
The Lo & No Beverage Summit brings together the large multinationals, the mid tier independent brands and the disruptive start ups in one room to learn how to formulate and commercialise premium soft drinks to market at speed. In a time where development cycles are shortening, and consumer health demands are increasing we will be discussing how to fortify drinks with the sensory and social experience for consumer buy in. The event will address the barriers such as creating a successful branding story to educate the market on this new sector, perfecting the taste portfolio whilst managing the expectations of a clean label. With new mocktail concoctions in the space this is a chance to learn how to innovate product development strengthen communication and boost distribution channels to safeguard the successful launch.
Personalised Nutrition Europe 2019
2-3 Oct 2019
London, UK
Personalised nutrition is big business – it’s estimated that the market will reach upwards of $11.5 billion by 2025. The nutrition industry is shifting as increasingly health conscious and hyperconnected consumers seek personalised products - introducing the Personalised Nutrition Summit 2019.As we witness change in consumer buying habits from mass produced goods to personalised products and services, the nutrition space is no exception - but how does the nutrition industry provide for n=1 and meet the demand for this new and rapidly growing consumer trend?We're delighted to be returning to London this October, for the Personalised Nutrition Summit. Last year we focused on the multiple testing methods available, big data capture and analysis, as well as the underlying clinical research behind the efficacy of personalised nutrition. This year, the summit focuses on the creation of commercially viable business models and product development strategies; from drastic changes to supply chain and points of manufacture.Join disruptive start-ups in biological data capture and data analysis, as well as retailers, investors, insurers, ingredients suppliers and leading nutrition and CPG companies, to assess the art behind personalisation, and develop commercially successful business models and partnerships driving personalised products and services.The future of nutrition is personalised - don't get left behind. 
Personalised Nutrition Europe 2018
5-6 Dec 2018
London, UK
Personalised Nutrition Europe is dedicated to the innovators & disruptors in nutrition. Bringing together industry leaders with emerging companies & start-ups to discuss the potential of this growing field on public health. Meet the start-ups redefining diet, incorporating a wide range of analytics and technologies to provide insights into healthcare, and hear from global nutrition companies on how the technology revolution will impact the food industry & influence consumer trends.Personalised Nutrition Europe draws on industry leaders who discuss how to integrate existing and new types of data around health and disease to reveal informative and actionable insights. The Summit will teach you how to better acquire, understand and use your data to forge the key partnerships in this industry. Key Takaways:How can I scale up my product?How can I measure the performance of my nutritional intervention?How can I better target the consumer by understanding motivation behind nutrition choices?How can I partner with retailers and industry leaders?How do I use my data to forge partnerships in industry?How can I target my consumer better and ensure they adhere to nutritional plans?How to identify and incorporate the best science into my business?How can I produce high quality data with low cost testing?How can I improve my business strategy to capitalise on growing interest in personalisation?What policy changes do I need to consider to protect my business?

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