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Personalized Beauty - Beiersdorf
5 Aug 2020-22 Sep 2020
1-3 Sep 2020
Beauty Connect, is the leading digital summit connecting indie brands, multinationals, retailers and industry suppliers from across the US and beyond.The beauty world has shifted immensely but one thing hasn't changed, the need to secure partnerships. The big question is... how has the beauty landscape changed and how can you stand out and emerge as a leading brand in a new age of beauty?Building on the global success of the Beauty & Money Series, Beauty Connect will enable you to forge long-lasting and ever-present relationships with the customer. Brands that invest in customer engagement and experience can expect a 5.7 times increase in revenue.Take away the latest insights, opportunities, and connections you need to strengthen your company, and come out of 2020 thriving. Learn what the 'new normal' is, connect with industry-experts in over 20 private 1-2-1 meetings, and showcase your brand in our exclusive Beauty & Money Spotlight Award.You’re never too big to fail, you’re never too small to thrive – Beauty Connect  USA is the virtual event for forging partnerships, acquiring the latest marketing intelligence and building a brand strategy that will ensure your relevancy and success.A digital event will be a first for many...Embracing the challenges of live events in these current times, brings new opportunity to connect online.Taking place across 3 mornings that work for both PDT and EDT timezones, Beauty Connect promises to deliver the same high quality content sessions but with many more interactive elements including; panel discussions, polls, live Q&A and video conferencing networking opportunities - all from the comfort of your own home. 
Telehealth Online
8-10 Sep 2020
Virtual Event | EDT Time Zone
Telehealth is set for a Tsunami of growth. Telehealth is more in demand than ever during the coronavirus crisis, and a new report from Frost & Sullivan suggests its uptake will increase by 64.3% nationwide this year, given the disruptions of COVID-19.Virtual care has offered a lifeline during a global health crisis, and with it could bring permanent implications for healthcare. Telehealth Online is the destination for emerging, to established, telemedicine companies who are driving the healthcare industry of tomorrow, to come together with providers, payers, life science investors, and pharmaceutical companies as we begin to settle into the uncertain yet inevitable, ‘new normal’.With an increasing number of telehealth platforms bringing new innovation into the field, creating strong and lasting relationships with partners to allow powerful patient engagement for improved outcomes is at the heart of any successful healthcare business, is more important than ever.Telehealth Online will give you the insights, opportunities, and connections you need to strengthen your business, and come out of 2020 thriving. Connect with industry-experts in 26 private 1-2-1 meetings, 10 thought leadership sessions, and 1 innovation showcase to overcome the barriers to bring telehealth and virtual care to patients and consumers, where and when they need it.
Women's Health Innovation Summit 2020
14-22 Sep 2020
Women’s health today is under-served from an innovation and clinical science standpoints with outdated practices and lack of much-needed attention from key players (incl. investors and insurers). It is imperative to develop the eco-system, shift mindsets and embrace the holistic women-centred approach.The Women’s Health Innovation Summit (WHI) is THE forum for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, start-ups and investors, doctors, researchers and HCPs, employers and insurers to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.We tackle the female prevalent verticals (e.g. contraception, pregnancy, breast cancer, and fertility), as well as other verticals including cardiovascular diseases, inconsistency, diabetes, mental health, sexual health amongst others.This event is for strengthening and advancing research, investments and partnerships to ultimately improve the access and quality of healthcare for women worldwide.To make the difference and to move your business forward, join us!
In the digital spotlight with Anthem
24 Sep 2020
Telehealth Online is partnering with Anthem, one of the largest providers of Healthcare Insurance in the USA to match entrepreneurs from around the world with some of Anthem's corporate clients. They will provide access to de-identified data from consumers in Anthem-affiliated health plans, with an eye toward helping startups achieve exponential scale.This is your opportunity to fast track your business to success, and form a part of the future of digital health across America. Deadline to apply - September 11 Apply today 
Men's Care & Wellness Summit
14-15 Oct 2020
The Wellness market was valued as a booming $4.2 trillion dollar industry (Global Wellness Institute), in 2019. The events of this year have only prioritized the continued development of this market, as personal care and wellness has become top of mind for consumers.Whilst men’s general healthcare has long reigned supreme, innovation and education surrounding men’s care, mental health, and overall wellbeing has been severely lacking compared to their female counterparts.If combined with the pivotal shift in men’s care culture over recent years – 2019 recorded more than a 7% jump in men’s skincare sales alone – there is an opportunity to: expand your portfolio of offering, increase your market share and audience, as well as help deconstruct difficult and outdated male stereotypes.With a vastly higher number of men impacted by poor mental health, and with stigmatizing male stereotypes remaining a consistent challenge, how is tech across sleep, meditation and telehealth innovating to support the wellbeing of this consumer? How can we support the continued growth of the male beauty market? How is product innovation supporting once-taboo topics such as hair loss, mental and sexual health? How are brands going beyond mere ‘marketing messages’ to create truly personalized innovations and brands for men?Finally, how are these different industries partnering to offer a holistic solution to men’s wellness?The Men’s Care & Wellness Summit is designed to create a platform where the key players in Care, Beauty and Consumer Health Innovation to come together to have value-driven discussions, network and collaborate to offer a holistic approach to the improved health and wellbeing of men.
Lo and No Beverage Summit 2020 USA
4-9 Nov 2020
Virtual Summit | PST TimeZone
As sober-curious consumers embrace new lifestyle choices, the low and no alcohol industry is gearing up for considerable growth in North America. According to the IWSR Global opportunities in Low and No Alcohol report, in the USA alone, 52% of consumers are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. This is inline with the global trend of health consciousness fuelled by wellness culture. But this begs the question is the mindful drinking movement here to stay or is it just a fad?Alcohol sales in the USA have been falling since 2016. While in the UK the low and no alcohol market makes up 1.3% of the beverage market, it only represents 0.5% in North America. In terms of market share, the low and no market is currently made up of 60.4% low/no beer, but the ready to drink category is expected to grow by 38.8% in the next two years.There is a wealth of untapped opportunity for disruptive start-ups, mid-tier independent beverage brands as well as multinationals, to create great tasting drinks to cater for this growing market. The Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America, November 4,5 & 9  taking place Virtually is your opportunity to meet with incumbent international brands venturing into the low and no alcohol category, innovative and disruptive low and no start-ups, as well as venture capitalists and ingredients manufacturers who are all entering the low and no space. Network with on/off traders who are hacking into this consumer trend with ingenious menus featuring the latest creations.
Lo and No Beverage Summit 2020
9-11 Nov 2020
Virtual Event | GMT Timezone
In an increasingly fragmented market and shaken by the effect of Covid-19, it is more important than ever for the Lo & No community to come together to explore the future of the category and further position ourselves as not just an alternative to alcohol but an adult beverage.Now in its second year, pandemic or not, the Lo & No Beverage Summit returns virtually, 9-11 November to bring you the unlimited networking opportunities and lively discussions with multinational alcohol and soft drinks brands who are venturing into Lo & No, innovative start-ups, active investors looking to invest, buyers, ecommerce providers, logistics and service providers across Europe. The Lo & No Beverage Summit will provide you with a clear road map for your future, an enhanced circle of contacts and an in-depth understanding of what enables and disrupts Lo & No trends in Europe and beyond.To make a difference and to move your business forward, join us!
Fitness & Active Brands Summit USA
18-19 Nov 2020
New York
We are witnessing the rapid digitization of fitness, a growing demand for connected fitness and more consumers seeking a personalized experience both at-home and in-studio. Both emerging and established fitness brand leaders can’t ignore the driving forces and are striving to disrupt traditional fitness business models, drive innovation in products and services and keep building a community of fit and well consumers.FAB NYC 2020 is the only platform for Founders and CEOs from both large and small brands in the entire eco-system of fitness to come together and unpack industry trends, market investments and learn from industry leaders on how they innovate and successfully lead the growth of their business.Walk away with invaluable connections and insights on:GROWTH: Understand what avenues for growth exist for your business – whether you are interested in strategic acquisition or partnership, venture funding, franchising or exceling organic growth, our brand and investment speakers have been there, done that and have authentic brand stories to learn fromTECHNOLOGY: investing in new fitness hardware, software or expanding your digital offering? You will meet and learn from expert technology partners to get your tech-spend right and innovation acceleratedINNOVATION: From smart clothing and footwear to the latest training concept - get an overview of the latest fitness industry innovation and hear from our selection committees Top 10 Start-ups transforming fitnessMARKET MOVES: Get under the hood of the key deals, M&A transactions and rapid growth brands that have shaped and shaken the industryLEADERSHIP: Hear from Global fitness executives, sharing the challenges they faced and the partners, people and resources they needed to drive the success of their businessPARTNERSHIPS: Getting the right partners be they financial, brand or technology partners on board is crucial for growing your business. The FAB Conference App will allow you to book 16+, 20 minute 1-2-1 business meetings as part of your conference experience.
Personalised Beauty Global Series
18-19 Nov 2020
Personalisation has spearheaded the beauty industry with innovations in AI, AR, 3D Printing, Formulation, Smart Devices and even DNA Analysis. The tech evolution, desire for customised products and experiences, as well as the important role of data in our lives, are driving this movement.77% of consumers have recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalised service or experience (Forrester, 2019). ‘The beauty industry is valued at $532b - there is a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to make more money and enhance customer experience’ (Philips, 2019).In this fiercely competitive market, personalisation technology is the key to completely transforming customer engagement, brand loyalty, data-driven recommendations and customer experiences. With personalisation aiding everything from formulation and product development to advertising and customer experience, now is the time to update your strategy.The Personalised Beauty Summit brings together the innovators and market leaders in technology and beauty for 2 days of unmissable content focused on the evolution of technology innovation. Join us and discover how to personalise products/experiences, boost sales and transform your business digitally in-store, online and at home.
Personalized Beauty Summit 2021
24-25 Feb 2021
San Francisco, USA
Personalization has spearheaded the beauty industry with innovations in AI, AR, 3D Printing, Formulation, Smart Devices and even DNA Analysis. The tech evolution, desire for customized products / services / experiences, as well as the inherent and ever more important role of data in our lives, are driving this movement.77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience (Forrester, 2019). ‘The beauty industry is valued at $532b, which means that so much more can be done in terms of personalization. There is a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to make more money and enhance customer experience’ (Philips, 2019).In this fiercely competitive market, personalization technology is the key to completely transforming customer engagement, brand loyalty, data-driven recommendations and customer experiences. With personalization aiding everything from formulation and product development to advertising and customer experience, now is the time to update your strategy.The Personalized Beauty Summit brings together the innovative change-makers and market leaders in the technology and beauty industry for 2-days of unmissable learning on the evolution of tech innovation. Join us in going beyond “gimmicky” personalization tools and delving into how you can personalize haircare, cosmetics, skincare and how to create personalized experiences in-store, online and at home - ultimately helping you become a digital first beauty company.
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The Acceleration of Telehealth
9 Jul 2020
As the world fights Covid-19 and life adjusts to a new normal, we are seeing a number of innovations within the women’s health eco-system. Traditional healthcare companies are looking to telehealth to bridge the gap between avoiding non-necessary contact with healthcare professionals whilst maintaining an excellent standard of care for patients in need. Healthcare providers are, at speed interrogating the pros of telehealth in women’s health, its reliability and the rate of adoption by patients.  Can telehealth be a possible solution for covid-age?Join us for a FREE webinar with experts in the Women's Health Indsutry who discuss ways you can integrate telehealth in your strategy and the challenges you must tackle head on to maintain a high level of care for your patients and consumers. Then, equip yourself with the practical application of telehealth in your business, by joining our post-webinar networking session. We know that getting hold of providers, support networks and potential business partners is becoming increasingly difficult, so we have designed a platform for you to pre-book to up to 12 meetings, 20 minutes a piece, to start conversations that you can nurture post event in telehealth and beyond. This will be your opportunity to meet with companies operating in the telehealth space and understand how they have implemented telehealth as a service specifically in the women’s health ecosystem. Delve deeper into how companies have made sideways moves to incorporate a digital offering without compromising on patients’ privacy, security and maintained their trust. There will also be opportunities for you to discuss other innovations in Women's Health, and how you can invest, grow and market your products. To make the difference and to move your business forward, join us!
30 Jun 2020
9am PST | Free Webinar
Digital strategies that were once on the back bench for many fitness businesses have been accelerated and thrust into action by COVID. This has inevitably driven a surge in demand for at-home equipment and fit-tech solutions, as well as the need to provide engaging, professionally streamed fitness content.  As a result those set-up to provide on-demand or at-home fit-tech solutions have seen sales more than double in some cases. Some gyms have quickly pivoted into digital and some are still determining how they can professionalize (and monetize) their digital offering. With some gyms set to reopen over the next few months, there are further anticipated shifts in the composition of the market and only time will tell how customers will respond and change how they spend on their fitness.So what does the fitness at-home opportunity mean for different players in the eco-system, and how will it shake up innovation in the offerings from traditional gyms, boutiques, fit-tech companies?Need answers? Join us for free on the 30th June 2020 for FITNESS CONNECT.
23-25 Jun 2020
Clean Beauty isn’t just a trend, it’s a movement that impacts virtually every element of the cosmetics industry. Modern consumers are better informed on the implication of their cosmetic purchasing decisions and as such, are demanding transparency over the safety and sustainability of the ingredients that go into their formulations and the environmental impact of product packaging. With more than 6 in 10 women reading beauty product labels prior to purchase (Kari Gran, 2017), there’s a growing pressure on the cosmetics industry to come clean about what’s going into their products and a rush towards natural, greener, cleaner products that still offer premium performance and safety. In the fiercely competitive, highly saturated beauty market, Clean Beauty is expected to grow from $36 bn 2019 to $54 bn by 2027 (Future Market Insights, 2019) and represents one the fastest growing segments of the cosmetics industry – It’s clear that clean isn’t going away.  Even beauty’s powerhouses are betting big on clean with Shiseido’s acquisition of Drunk Elephant for $825m and Unilever’s purchase of Tatcha for $500m in 2019.Clean Beauty Connect brings together the change-makers and market leaders in clean beauty for 3-days of unmissable learning and business collaboration; take a deep-dive into developing cleaner efficacious formulations, explore cost-effective sustainable packaging solutions, un-pick the consumer’s mindset on certification and identify strategies to maximise transparency across your brand’s supply chain and omnichannel marketing strategy. 
Ingestible Beauty Summit USA
23-25 Jun 2020
“The global beauty supplements market is projected to grow by 8.8% to reach $7.64bn by 2025”- Analytical Research CognizanceAlthough science has long flagged the impact of diet and nutrition on skin health, until recently, topical treatments have reigned supreme. But with 50% of millennial consumers considering ‘looking healthy’ as the new beauty standard, brands are beginning to launch products which actively blur the lines between beauty, health, wellness and nutrition, to meet the rising expectations of the consumer.As new data transpires to support the impact of novel ingredients and synergistic stacks within ingestible products, cosmetic formulators and beauty brands alike are turning their attention to designing and testing products that achieve beauty from within.The Ingestible Beauty Summit will bring together the leaders of the cosmetics & nutrition industry, to showcase cutting edge research and new technological advances. This virtual event will explore key consumer trends driving demand and brand loyalty, the latest science and formulation insights and provide actionable insights to brands who are looking to expand their current portfolio.
Microbiome Connect - Skin - USA 2020
3-5 Jun 2020
2019 was a pivotal year for the skin microbiome, with multinational conglomerates moving into the space, recognizing the commercial value of skin microbiome-based products as the next step in a consumer’s skincare regime but the innovation doesn’t end there…This year is all about the major advancements of sequencing and analysis in this space, and how we can use data to inform product development. 2020 is all about the relationship between skin microbiome based-products, skin conditions, personalization, skin-gut supplements, and anti-aging. Building on the hugely successful global Skin Microbiome series which brought together over 600 industry leaders from Pharmaceutical, Beauty and Personal Care, Independent Skincare Brands, Bio-techs, Researchers and Academics, Kisaco Research presents Microbiome Connect: Skin USA, an all-encompassing event, which runs alongside Microbiome Connect: Human USA as a virtual event, June 3 - 5.What’s different?This year, you can expect 5 unique topics, more attendees and more networking opportunities to explore:Ground-breaking research into how best treat these skin diseases and develop treatments targeting acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis Vulgaris and rosacea.The translation and commercialization of product claims, the latest trends and protecting your intellectual property.The convergence between the skin-gut axis and the supplement market.Personalized formulation and product developmentTools to increase product claims using sequencing and bioinformatics.Join key opinion leaders and expert speakers across three days to translate the latest skin microbiome data and market analysis into truly commercial and competitive beauty and personal care products.Skin microbiome based-products have been disrupting the beauty industry for the past two years, the question is, how can you differentiate your products?