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About The Beauty Portfolio

Since our launch of the Beauty & Money Innovation Showcase series 4 years ago, we've continued to support start-ups and innovation in Beauty by expanding to Personalization, Inclusive Beauty and our Skin Microbiome series.

By shining a light on growing areas of consumer demand, we're able to provide a critical platform for start-ups, investors and strategic partners to connect and build the future of the beauty industry.

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3-4 Mar 2021
Connecting to customers authentically, having inclusivity and sustainability be part of your brand’s DNA, and finding the right retail and distribution partners have been critical for a while. The current dramatically different trading conditions have introduced new, urgent challenges: bringing your full brand experience online and innovation in the D2C model, as well as the uptick in skincare and haircare. The convergence of Beauty & Wellness presents opportunities: beauty is now about feeling good, as well as looking good.Indie and global brands, together with online and brick and mortar retail will share the lessons they have learned and what they’re focused on for the short-term future. As ever, the Beauty Spotlight will showcase some of the most exciting upcoming indie brands in Europe. We are excited and proud that so many brands we’ve featured are now on the shelves of major retailers and receiving investment. There’s still an enormous amount of interest in the next big brand from the investment community……is it yours?
27-28 Apr 2021
Beauty Connect is the leading digital summit connecting indie brands, multinationals, retailers and industry suppliers from across the US and beyond.2020 was a game changer for all and it has brought new, urgent challenges to the forefront of the beauty industry that is shaping the strategies of both indie and multinational brands. The concept of beauty is evolving, no longer understood as stand-alone cosmetics, but looking AND feeling healthy and well. The consumer is more aware than ever of their influence in the personal care industry and are using their spending power to reflect values of sustainability, transparency and safety first. Direct-to-consumer strategies used by beauty brands & retailers are under increasing scrutiny as they fight to emerge as leaders in an online world.Building on the global success of the Beauty & Money Series, our thought-leaders at Beauty Connect will help you to renew your focus on customer engagement, take advantage of the integration of beauty & wellness, and forge partnerships to ensure that your brand’s identity connects with your desired consumer, online, in-store and at home.Learn what the 'new normal' is, connect with industry-experts in over 20 private 1-2-1 meetings and act pre-emptively to future-proof your brand’s strategy. You’re never too big to fail, you’re never too small to thrive – Beauty Connect USA is the virtual event for forging partnerships, acquiring the latest marketing intelligence and building a brand strategy that will ensure your relevancy and success.
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2020 Inclusive Beauty Global
8-9 Dec 2020
The Inclusive Beauty Summit, December 8th - 9th, a virtual forum for thought leaders from across the beauty industry to connect and identify how to overcome the challenges of hiring, marketing, formulation, product development and retail to appeal to a more diverse consumer. Tune into the summit to understand how you can leverage this emerging market opportunity and; Increase your market share through product innovationRevolutionize your ingredients through formulations Be front of mind with innovative marketing campaigns  Key areas being explored at the summit include;Hiring & HR: Change starts from the top. Assess and implement the internal protocols that Ulta, Kendo (Fenty) and Urban Skin RX have put in place to make inclusivity part of their ‘DNA’.Marketing & Branding: Inclusivity is more than just including black models in your marketing campaign. Dive deeper into how Shiseido, P&G and Luna Magic develop authentic brands that consumers trust and apply their know-how to your own strategy. Product Development & Clean-Ingredient Selection: Fenty changed the game with their 40 shades – now everyone’s doing it. So, what’s next? Curology, Versed, Nutralicious, Croda and Kate Somerville tell you exactly where they’re looking to diversify their product category offerings and how your brand can keep formulations ‘clean’. The Voice of the Indie Brands: It’s the indies that are breaking the mould, carving their own niche and catering to underserved consumer groups. Undefined Beauty, Kreyol Essence and Shedavi share the secrets to their success and outline the industry support needed to allow more Black-owned brands to flourish. Retail: Consumers need to feel welcome and catered for in-store, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or race. Ulta, Sephora and Credo will provide updates on the staff education, technology and product diversity initiatives they’re putting in place and discuss the future of inclusivity in beauty retail.
Personalised Beauty Global Series
18-19 Nov 2020
We are back for our 4th iteration of the series - this time we’re GLOBAL, we’re DIGITAL, and we’re delving into next generation technology in consumer health & beauty.2020 has accelerated digital transformation in the beauty industry making personalisation a necessity for gaining market-dominance and lasting customer-loyalty. 77% of consumers will choose, recommend, and pay more for a brand that provides a personalised product or experience (source: Forbes).With marketers, product developers, innovators and e-commerce leaders seeking the best personalisation solution for their customer, the race is on.Tune in to our industry leading series - delve into new developments that have re-shaped the industry, and innovations that expand further afield including innovations in AI, AR, 3D Printing, Formulation, Smart Devices and even DNA Analysis.
1-3 Sep 2020
Beauty Connect, is the leading digital summit connecting indie brands, multinationals, retailers and industry suppliers from across the US and beyond.The beauty world has shifted immensely but one thing hasn't changed, the need to secure partnerships. The big question is... how has the beauty landscape changed and how can you stand out and emerge as a leading brand in a new age of beauty?Building on the global success of the Beauty & Money Series, Beauty Connect will enable you to forge long-lasting and ever-present relationships with the customer. Brands that invest in customer engagement and experience can expect a 5.7 times increase in revenue.Take away the latest insights, opportunities, and connections you need to strengthen your company, and come out of 2020 thriving. Learn what the 'new normal' is, connect with industry-experts in over 20 private 1-2-1 meetings, and showcase your brand in our exclusive Beauty & Money Spotlight Award.You’re never too big to fail, you’re never too small to thrive – Beauty Connect  USA is the virtual event for forging partnerships, acquiring the latest marketing intelligence and building a brand strategy that will ensure your relevancy and success.A digital event will be a first for many...Embracing the challenges of live events in these current times, brings new opportunity to connect online.Taking place across 3 mornings that work for both PDT and EDT timezones, Beauty Connect promises to deliver the same high quality content sessions but with many more interactive elements including; panel discussions, polls, live Q&A and video conferencing networking opportunities - all from the comfort of your own home.  

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